Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Next book?

Since I suck and didn't make it to last book club (the in-laws came to town that afternoon for Nick's birthday), have there been any new book suggestions? If we choose one soon, we could probably shoot for April 1 as the next date.

Heather mentioned Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, which I'm definitely all for, as it's been sitting on my shelf since I bought it, and it's about love for rotten labradors (I'm an expert on that topic). I also have a book a friend suggested. I was able to pick it up used, it's an bit older. (But I'd like to wait until after finals to host.)

Anyone else got suggestions? Comment here!


disquogirl77 said...

Marley and Me is a great book. Cried my eyes out though. I think I have it if we pick it as our book and someone wants to borrow it. It's a fast read too.

Sandy said...

Ummm...NOT the Kite Runner? Anything that can erase the memory of the Kite Runner from my brain? I'm reading American Pastoral right now but I haven't read enough to say how good it is, or whether it will have the ability to extract unpleasant memories. I just finished A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Twain, and it was awesome, but I don't think it is suited for the book club environment. There is not enough Afghanistani child rape in the book for you weirdos. Just kidding--about the weirdos part, not the child rape part. And, as is the case with everything, I blame Dana Rodgers.

Andrea said...

If you want to pick the April book, Sandy, have at it. You can make us read whatever you want!

Since you enjoyed the Afghanistani child rape so much, try The Sparrow. Non-consentual buggery by large extraterrestrials. Ouch.